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4D Model Plastic Bird Spikes Black

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ADDITION DATE  :  04 Nisan 2023

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4D Model Bird Spikes Black Color : An Effective Solution for Bird Control

Introducing our 4D Model Black Bird Spike Deterrent! Measuring 50cm in length, 15cm in width, and 11cm in height, this bird deterrent is the most effective product in the market with 45 spikes per unit. Made with high-quality black polycarbonate material, it is not only durable but also blends in with any surface it's applied to.

Our product is suitable for all bird sizes, from small to large, and is the ultimate solution for bird control. The spikes are designed to prevent birds from landing or roosting on surfaces such as rooftops, ledges, and fences, making it ideal for both commercial and residential settings.

Our 4D Model Black Bird Spike Deterrent is also incredibly easy to install. Simply attach it to any surface using screws, adhesive glue, or zip ties, and enjoy long-lasting bird control. Investing in our product means you can say goodbye to unsightly bird droppings, damages to property caused by birds, and the potential health risks associated with bird infestations.

Don't wait any longer, purchase our 4D Model Black Bird Spike Deterrent today and start enjoying a bird-free environment!


  • Width: 15 cm (Standard model for small and medium-sized birds)
  • Length: 50 cm
  • Height: 11.5 cm including base height
  • Made of black polycarbonate material. Not recyclable.
  • UV protection is available.
  • The puzzle locking system prevents incorrect assembly of the base ends.
  • A total of 45 spike rods are found in 50 CM.
  • ESCR (Environmentally Stress-Crack Resistant to Moisture, Pressure, etc.)
  • It is sturdy and resistant to breakage.
  • It does not contain metal, metal plating or paint, does not rust, decay, or corrode.
  • It is in the HB flame retardancy class.
  • It is resistant to chemical effects.
  • It is not electrically conductive.
  • It is lightweight and does not add load to the surface it is applied on.
  • Custom colors are available. The minimum order quantity for custom colors is 5000 m / roll.
  • Package content is 50 m / 100 pieces.
  • Made in Turkey.


  • Prevents birds from landing on the surface it is applied on.
  • Made of black polycarbonate material.
  • It is UV enhanced and not affected by sunlight.
  • It is rustproof, decay-resistant, and deformation-resistant.
  • It is resistant to high wind and snow loads.
  • It is exposed to the most difficult natural conditions; storms, hail, snow, and ice. Under these conditions, the barrier does not break and adapts easily to high temperature changes from cold winter to hot summer.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is economical.
  • It is a special design product.

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Call Us +90 553 859 59 59

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